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The Office of Student Housing (OSH) is a sub-unit under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) and manages all the  residence halls in the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus.


OSH envisions Residence Halls that are green, smart, secure, and resilient, serving as the Iskolar ng Bayan’s home away from home  and contributing to his/her overall well-being so that s/he could become a responsible member of society.


  1. Provide dormers with clean and well-maintained dormitories that are working toward drastically reducing their environmental footprint; 
  2. Offer programs, activities, and spaces inside and outside the residence halls that contribute to the dormers’ overall well-being;
  1. Help build an integrated data management system that keeps the dorm premises and the dormers’ personal data secure and ensures the efficient management of  the dormitories; 
  2. Push for the upgrading of the security features of the dormitories to ensure the physical safety of dormers;
  1. Push for the upgrading of the dormitories’ online connections that will greatly support dormers’ academic needs and facilitate communication between dorm management and dormers; and
  2. Ensure the proper hiring and development of dorm staff that are student- and service-oriented and prepared to handle all kinds of emergencies in the dorm premises. 

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